Who we are

The present day membership of the Society is mostly, but by no means exclusively, involved in the conduct of litigation in and around the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary and Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland. However, there are many members in chamber practice in town and country, and in the public service, all of whom serve to broaden the overall interests of the Society, and its stated desire to reflect all areas of professional activity.

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership of the Society is open to all solicitors who are members of the Law Society of Scotland, trainees and university students.

Admission dues are payable to the Society, and the Widows’ and Orphans' Fund, upon entry; and thereafter an annual subscription remains payable.

An application for membership requires to be sponsored by two members and to be accompanied by the relevant papers specified on the application form.

If you wish to apply for membership, or obtain more details, please click on the Application form button below.

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The benefits of being an SSC member include access to the well-stocked legal library, with a quiet working environment and wifi computer access.

The relaxed members' lounge provides tea and coffee, together with daily newspapers and a tannoy from the courts.

Membership also brings the benefits of the annuity scheme for widows and orphans.


The Society maintains a Widows and Orphans Fund which pays annuities to the widows, widowers, surviving civil partners and orphans of members who have died. As part of the annual subscription, Members pay a small sum to the Fund in exchange for which their widow, widower, civil partner or orphans will receive the annuity paid half yearly. While not a large sum, the annuity is welcomed by those currently receiving it.


I have found the library to be extremely useful both in the course of my work and for courses of study I have undertaken for continued professional development. There is a wide range of material on criminal law and procedure and any material that is not held can always be ordered.

Graeme Brown
Judicial Assistant to the Appeal Court

Excellent Library services are provided with facilities to match.

Ian Campbell
Central Legal Office of the Scottish Health Service