The library is open to SSC Members and SSC Firms.

Research: Copies of documents can be sent by fax or email, DX, LP or Royal Mail. For documents sent through the DX or LP, requests for information should be received prior to 3pm.

Photocopying / Fax: There is a photocopier and a fax machine for use by members. A charge is made for this service.

Borrowing: Most material can be borrowed for up to 10 days. Material can be sent to out of town members via DX, LP or Royal Mail.

Computer Services: Searches can be carried out on a wide range of electronic databases. There is also a wifi network within the library for use with members' own computer equipment.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 0930 - 1600.

Out of Hours

Out of hours access to the library is available to members.

Should you wish to access the library out of hours, you shall require a Parliament House Identity Card and the security code for the Library.
The security code for the Library can be obtained on application in writing to the librarian.

Textbooks and Roman Law materials

The SSC Library holds all Scottish textbooks, plus selected English and European textbooks, Roman Law materials.

Law Reports
The library holds all Scottish law reports plus selected English and European Human Rights Law reports; Court of Session Opinions 1982 - date; Session Cases 1821 - date.

The library holds all Scottish journals and a selection of English & European titles.

Public & General Statutes 1275 - date; Local & Private Statutes 1811 - date; Statutory Instruments 1896 - 1995 (hardcopy), 1896 - date (CD-Rom); Acts of Adjournal and Acts of Sederunt 1530 - date.

Government Publications
Scottish Law Commission Reports and Discussion Papers.

Electronic Sources

The library has access to the following either on CD-Rom or via subscription databases on the Internet.

CELEX (European Information)
This contains legislation, propsals, national implementation, DTI directives, treaties, case law and parliamentary questions.
Current legal information
This contains cases, legislation and articles from 1947 to date from many different journals and law report series.
Family law reports (1980 - date)
Scots law times (1893 - date)
Statutory instruments (1896 - date)
Statute law - Public & General Statutes (1235 - date)
This includes text of reported and unreported cases in England and Scotland, legislation as amended, journals, law reports and current awareness.
Online legal library of UK, Irish and EU case law dating back to 1163 and legislation from 1235.